This Social Science wiki supports professional learning and development in secondary schools which is offered through two providers:
1. The University of Auckland’s Faculty of Education will offer PLD to secondary schools in the Ministry’s northern and central north regions,and
2. Te Tapuae O Rehua, a consortium consisting of Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu, University of Canterbury and University of Otago will offer PLD to secondary schools in the Ministry's southern and central south regions.
The intention of this wikispace is to provide all Social Science teachers a space that will have all the resources, links, power points, and any other information to share from workshops, clusters and in-depth work.
It provides links, resources and general information for:
  • Coherent learning programme design
  • NCEA support
  • Literacy in Social Science education
  • Culturally responsive pedagogy
  • Effective Pedagogy in the Social Sciences
  • Middle Leadership
  • Web and print resources
  • News and views about Social Science Education around NZ

We hope that you will continue to come back to this wiki for new ideas and resources, and would welcome any comments or suggestions for this to be a successful form of communication.

Your facilitators:

National Co-ordinators Social Science Education

Gill's Portrait Digital[1] copy.jpg
Lara Hearn-Rollo

Central South/South
Gill Hanna

Central North/North
Social Science Facilitators in your area
Mary Greenland
Carol Jarman
Central North/North

What's new!

Geography teachers:

  • The Geography Tip Sheets for all levels have been updated - they are now labelled 2017. Thank you Jane Evans for this work!

  • Summaries of all the internal geography standards have been uploaded under Achievement Standard Resources. These are A3 sheets that draw together the standard itself, the Curriculum Achievement Objective the standard relates to, the Clarifications for that standard, the Conditions of Assessment for that standard and any relevant comment from Moderator Newsletters for that standard. Everything in one place and very handy to use when planning to write an assessment task.

Material from workshop 'Making use of psychology standards in senior secondary school courses' (Kohia Teachers Centre, August 30th, 2016) - see under Psychology

Material from the workshop 'Social Studies for non-trained Social Studies teachers' (Kohia Teachers Centre, July 6th, 2016) - see under Junior Social Studies

The 2016 National Workshop, "Courageous Classroom Conversations" has been an huge success again this year. The resources used during this are available on the page titled Courageous Classroom Conversations on the right hand side drop down menu.

Our latest (and final) National Social Sciences newsletter, Term 4 2016

Term 1 2016 Term 2 2016

For other newsletters, please click on the link Social Science newsletters on the right hand side of this home page.