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The following document outlines the academic language used in Economics. It is for teacher reference.

This version, for student use, can be sliced up and placed in an envelope so that students need to match the command words with their definitions. They can also use the document for guidance in working through the Cake powerpoint.




Scroll down for Richard Dykes' comprehensive resources for 3.1 and 3.2.

Online Community

Economics has a Google Group: Ecoteachers. Do a search for it and sign up [go to Sign In, then Sign Up].


Matrix of Economics standards

Curriculum Guide (previously called Teaching & Learning Guide)
Economics Curriculum Guide

Starting Point for all QA and TKI links for Economics
Economics portal

Options for combined Economics-Business Studies course Level 1 and Level 2
Presentation to the SocCon 2013 by Glenn Hutcheson

Academic Language of Economics This document indicats the instructional words found in the achievement standards. Further information about these appears on the Commerce tab of this wiki.

Level 1 Economics

Level 1 resources and Conditions of Assessment on TKI
Level 1 on TKI

Clarification documents
These have been written by the National Moderator and give teachers guidance as to the requirements of internals.
Clarifications ~ 1.2, 1.5 and 1.6

Specifications These give information about the nature and format of the externals

Level 2 Economics

Level 2 resources and Conditions of Assessment on TKI
Level 2 on TKI

Clarification documents
Clarifications ~ 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7


Level 3 Economics

Level 3 resources and Conditions of Assessment on TKI
Level 3 on TKI

Clarification documents
Clarifications ~ 3.4 and 3.5



Te Tapuae o Rehua - L3 economics internals cluster / workshop T1 2013
Note resources will be added through the year under headings New L3 Resource
New L3 Resources

Workshop powerpoints

Session 1 Culturally Responsive classroom

Session 2 Know your students

Session 3 D
esired Learning Outcomes
TKI stuff - 3.3 + 3.4

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Session 4 New Learning Experiences

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Student Whiteboards

Constructivism - Geoff Petty

Eco MU experiment

Session 5 Formative Assessment

Session 6 Summative Assessment

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Richard Dykes' resources

Richard Dykes from Pakuranga College has made his level 3 resources available under the creative commons licence, which means anyone can use them as long as it's not for commercial purposes and that he is acknowledged as the author. Also note that a small number of the images are from the internet and he doesn't necessarily the copyright for these. Richard also says:
  • My attempt here is to see if we can generate a collaborative document. If you see an error (there should be pretty few by now) or something that needs to be added/subtracted ... let me know. I can change the file and re-post.
  • I'm creating a digital only version of suggested answers as I work through the course.
  • Without making any guarantees, I intend to have 3.2 done by later this term (I start teaching it in week 8 or so) and will have 3.3. and 3.4 done by the end of the holidays. I've started 3.5 but won't have this until late term 2.
  • The PDF files are printer-ready, i.e. you can take them to a professional printer and get these printed. They all combine to make one workbook. I can provide a more photocopy-friendly printer if you want to photocopy in-house.
  • I use these workbooks to create a self-directed learning , that allows me to roam the class 'free-range', rather than direct what is happening each lesson. Overall it works , though students need some guidance to shift away from depending on me to turn up each period and tell them what to work on.